When I first started writing professionally, in the early 1990s, I edited the book review column for the short-lived Horror Magazine published by John Betancourt of The Wildside Press (who would later publish my roleplaying game, The Wildside Gaming System: Fantasy Roleplaying Edition). I also wrote reviews for a couple of other magazines, before various other publishing work meant I didn’t have time to write them anymore. This is a selection of reviews, most of them previously published. I’ve added some comments and notes below the reviews, but otherwise left them in their original form.

Deathport (1993)
Alternate Warriors (1993)
The Iron Dragon’s Daughter (1993)
The Encyclopedia of Death (1993)
Animals (1994)
The Wolf of Winter (1994)
Larque on the Wing (1994)
Better in the Dark (1994)
Metal Angel (1994)
The Glass Mountain (1994)
Lost in Booth Nine (1994)
Gun, With Occasional Music (1994)
Strong Spirits (1994)
Deadweight (1994)
Black Thorn, White Rose (1995)
Once a Hero (1995)
Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls (1995)
Tomorrow Sucks (1995)
Doc Sidhe
The Faery Convention
Lost in Translation
The Baker’s Boy / A Man Betrayed / Master and Fool
Midshipman’s Hope / Challenger’s Hope / Prisoner’s Hope / Fisherman’s Hope
Fair Peril