Some of my favorite places to read, write, or spend time when there's grading or deadlines to avoid.

I'm a more-or-less constant reader of DailyKos, the largest liberal political site, and post there relatively frequently. I've started posting on the new Progressive Historians blog as well. Other liberal blogs I read daily (and post comments to at least occasionally) include Talking Points Memo (and its cafe), The News Blog, Unclaimed Territory, and the Connecticut-centered My Left Nutmeg.

Although I've written three books on the Red Sox and am an avid baseball fan, I don't follow many baseball blogs regularly these days. I do regularly check on the Sports Law Blog, however, along with Celtics Blog. And while he may be more a pop culture figure than a sportswriter anymore, Bill Simmons is always worth a look, as are the intermittent soccer commentaries by Michael Davies.

I have a seldom-updated personal blog, Wordsmith's Dance, and also maintain blogs for the Pomfret, CT Democratic Town Committee (of which I'm a member), for former UConn writing and publishing students of mine, and for a prayerbook I'm developing in conjunction with members of the ritual committee of the synagogue I attend.

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